Egypt is not only about the pyramids…

Generally, more and more Poles decide to go on luxurious trips and visit this particular country … But where does it come from? A lot of people from Poland (and not only from there) want, above all the things, to see the pyramids with their own eyes. It is a real treat, not only for the history fans. Where can you see them? There are many options, but many tourists choose Giza, especially that the statue of the Great Sphinx is also quite nearby. What else to pay attention to when visiting this country?

It should be noted that there are also many attractions in the capital city Cairo. In this metropolis for example, you can visit the Egyptian Museum. This is undoubtedly a great idea for everyone interested in history. But what does this result from? You have to pay attention to the fact that there are various exhibits. And they come from… the ancient times.

Do you want to find out how everything looked like in those eras? There is nothing to prevent you. In Cairo, the Cairo Tower, Alabaster Mosque, and the Saladin Citadel are also very popular places. This clearly shows that Egypt is not only about pyramids. It’s a variety of different sights. Nothing prevents you from visiting (choosing this type of luxurious tour) locations such as Oasis of Siwa, Alexandria, Valley of the Kings etc. They are very popular with tourists. Why people still like to visit Egypt?

Not only because of all the above-mentioned monuments. There is no shortage of access to great water reservoirs in this country such as the Red and the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, you can relax on the beaches freely. You have the opportunity to sunbathe, swim, surf, etc. Egypt has very attractive weather conditions. In this African country, the weather is generally good all the time. For 12 months of the calendar year. It is therefore a chance to feel the sun’s rays on skin when our Polish weather leaves a lot to be desired… www